Revival Fire Fellowship is a ministry birthed out of Fresh Fire Church and School of Ministry offering a covering for any five fold minister looking for a covering. Under the management/leadership of Apostle Adam Lawson, Revival Fire Fellowship offers ministers looking for a covering or those individuals looking to jump start their ministry or get the necessary tools to become a successful minister of the Word. For more information, Contact Revival Fire Fellowship at 724-580-7027 or email Apostle Lawson at

Step into YOUR true calling today.

Revival Fire Fellowship (RFF) – this is the organization that Pastor Adam received vision for to create a fellowship that will license, ordain and credential individuals who have a call to ministry. We currently have ministers in four states and growing rapidly.

RFF is an organization providing Spiritual Covering, "Fathering" for all five-fold ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our organization is not about receiving a certificate as much as it is about real relationship.

If you are interested in or feel you have a calling on your life in any of the five fold ministry offices, contact Apostle Adam Lawson at Fresh Fire Church at 724-580-7027 or email him at the link below for more information.